Investing with Carolina Opportunity Funds

Carolina Opportunity Funds are structured as 100% investor owned Class B Investments with a minimum investment of $250,000. In 2020, Fees and Promotes will be waived on additional investment dollars above $500,000. Targeted Cash Flow will distribute as follows:

  • First: 100% to Class B Members until Class B Members receive an 8% cumulative return on an annual non-compounded basis on their Capital Contribution not returned.

  • Second: To the Class B Members until the cumulative amount paid has reduced the amount of each Class B Member's Unreturned Capital Contribution to zero.

  • Third: Thereafter, 95% of the remaining available cash for distribution to Class B Members and 5% to the Class A Member (Carolina Opportunity Funds).


Funds are administered by NES Financial.

Fund Fees are 185 bps (1.85%) for the first 60 months and 100bps (1.0%) for the duration of the Fund

We are currently raising capital for two Qualified Opportunity Funds
IMPACT Carolina - focused on emerging technology businesses located in Opportunity Zones and certified as Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses.
METRO Carolina - risk adjusted real estate projects focused on affordable housing and community based retail.
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We provide accredited investors access to Qualified Opportunity Zone real estate projects and businesses within North Carolina

  • Investments structured as RegD 506(c) offerings under the Securities Act

    • Limited to verified accredited investors​

    • SEC compliant

    • Minimum $50,000 investment

  • After creating an account, prospective investors will have access to:

    • Potential investment opportunities ​being evaluated by the Fund

    • Projected pro formas

    • Market reports

      • Demographics​

      • Employers

      • Rental and Sale Comparisons 

    • Exit strategies

    • Management fee structures

  • If you decide to invest, you will register through our Investor Portal

    • Your accredited investor verification process is completed

    • You submit an offer amount​

    • Your offer is not complete until selected QOF funding target is met

    • You will receive a confirmation that your investment has been accepted

  • Our Investor Portal provides a secure platform for executing and managing the offering

    • Private, efficient, and accurate management of compliance tasks

    • Controlled access to Private Placement Memorandums

    • Investment executed in SEC compliant manner by the investor - no third party transactions

    • Investment updates, quarterly, annual and even K-1's accessed through the portal

  • We perform our due diligence with a focus on cash flow potential ​

    • We work with local and county governments to accelerate entitlement ​

    • We look for current and future scheduled infrastructure enhancements that will provide greater access to property or business, or create a higher appraisal amount

    • We look for current and future job creation

    • We look for properties that could increase rents through renovation or adaptive re-use

This is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation to buy Class B Investments in IMPACT Carolina or METRO Carolina Funds. Shares are offered to accredited investor through a Private Placement Memorandum which can be obtained after registering through this site or by contacting us directly at . The Class B Member shares have not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities division. 

The information provided on this website is believed to accurate and true, however; Carolina Opportunity Funds makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the reliability of this information and any reliance placed on the information is at the risk of the user. 

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