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DAOs and NFTs are Risky Business

Membership in a DAO is a personal choice. Nothing in this website should be construed as an offer to buy, sell, trade, or obtain real estate, NFTs, or any tokenized digital representation of a real asset, real estate, or security.

Real Estate Risks

  • A Real Estate DAO subject to all of the risks of any real estate investment.

  • Real estate investments are speculative in nature.

  • There are real estate risks that cannot be controlled by Carolina Opportunity DAO LLC management or board which can adversely affect the value of the DAO. These include but are not limited to:

    • Downturns in the economy, whether global, national, or local.​

    • Interest rate rises or contraction in real estate financing markets.

    • Oversupply or demand for specific real estate products in markets where the DAO has invested.

    • Unforeseen entitlement or due diligence issues such as Phase 2 or Brownfield compliance costs.

    • Changes in zoning, traffic patterns, or eminent domain due to government actions.

    • Adverse tax assessment changes.

    • Property losses resulting from weather events where insurance fails to protect.

    • Increases in operating expenses due to tariffs and/or duties on materials. 

DAO Risk Mitigation

We believe that risk is mitigated through a diversified portfolio managed by smart contracts providing total transparency on the blockchain.

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