Now Accepting Investors
who believe in the power of
Private Capital
to support community development,
efficiently deploy technology,
disrupt conventional supply chains,
and build sustainable infrastructure.

We are pleased to announce that both 


Carolina Funds

are accepting investments. 

IMPACT Carolina Fund

Designed to take advantage of innovative companies making an Impact on the markets and communities in which they operate. 

Here are just a few of the industries that we are considering:

  • Feedstock to biofuel processing

  • Indoor Controlled Agriculture

  • Advanced Nutracueticals

  • AI instructed vertical farming

  • Industrial hemp to textile manufacturing

  • Startup accelerator for marine ecology and conservation

METRO Carolina Fund

Real Estate projects supported by successful developers targeting tertiary markets where strong jobs / housing disparities exist. Projects that utilize construction automation, sustainable material sourcing, and energy efficiency.

  • Student Housing

  • Workforce Housing

  • Urban Infill

  • Historic Rehabilitation

  • Community Supported Retail / Service

Current Carolina Opportunity Fund Projects
METRO Carolina
Affordable Housing

Rock Hill, South Carolina

  • 74 Units Workforce Housing

  • Modern Design Four-Plex

  • Adjacent to Charlotte Metro

  • Will Build to Suit

  • 14 - 16% Projected IRR

Shovel Ready Project Purchase


METRO Carolina
Affordable Housing

Raleigh and Charlotte Markets

  • Affordable Multi-family Housing

  • 12-14% Projected IRR

  • Middle Income Rental Housing

  • Strong markets with jobs/housing mismatch

COF Equity


IMPACT Carolina
Oil Seed Production

Wilmington, North Carolina

  • $62,000,000 Bio Fuel Facility

  • 50% LTC secured, NMTC secured

  • 200 + New Jobs

  • $65 M / yr contracted sales in place

  • Emerging energy & foodsource field​

COF Equity


METRO Carolina
Student Housing

Pembroke, North Carolina

  • $40,000,000 UNC Student Housing

  • $9,000,000 Completed

  • 70% LTC

  • $3.2 M Stabilized NOI

  • 20% Levered IRR

COF Equity

$3,000,000 Still Open

METRO Carolina
Affordable Housing

Rock Hill, South Carolina

  • 72 Units Attached Row Homes

  • Adjacent to Charlotte Metro

  • Strong Jobs / Housing Mismatch

  • 14 - 16% Projected IRR

  • Buy Outright or Will Build to Suit

Shovel Ready Project Purchase


IMPACT Carolina
Community / Technology

North and South Carolina

  • Seed & Venture Capital to QOZBs

  • 15-20% Estimated Returns

  • Community Impact

  • Job Creation

  • Economic Multipliers

COF Equity


The Small Print . . . and all that Legal Stuff

Carolina Opportunity Funds are structured as 100% investor owned Class B Investments with a minimum investment of $250,000. In 2020, Fees and Promotes will be waived on additional investment dollars above $500,000. Targeted Cash Flow will distribute as follows:

  • First: 100% to Class B Members until Class B Members receive an 8% cumulative return on an annual non-compounded basis on their Capital Contribution not returned.

  • Second: To the Class B Members until the cumulative amount paid has reduced the amount of each Class B Member's Unreturned Capital Contribution to zero.

  • Third: Thereafter, 95% of the remaining available cash for distribution to Class B Members and 5% to the Class A Member (Carolina Opportunity Funds).


Should funds fail to realize a 10% IRR in any given year, Carolina Opportunity Funds will waive its annual fee of 185 basis points.

Funds are administered by NES Financial.

This is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation to buy Class B Investments in IMPACT Carolina or METRO Carolina Funds. Shares are offered to accredited investor through a Private Placement Memorandum which can be obtained after registering through this site or by contacting us directly at . The Class B Member shares have not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities division. 

The information provided on this website is believed to accurate and true, however; Carolina Opportunity Funds makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the reliability of this information and any reliance placed on the information is at the risk of the user. 

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