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Why We're Here

The question comes up often. What are Opportunity Funds intended to accomplish? The video below posted in a Tweet from Senator Tim Scott, the author of the Opportunity Zones Initiative, illustrates the impact of investment into marginalized communities. The video serves as an example of the power of Opportunity Funds to transform lives and create generational wealth. Our goal is to align Capital Investment to Community Need throughout the Carolina's. 

Go ahead, click on it. It'll make you feel good. During this trying time, we need a success story.

We will all get through the Corona Virus together. 

Current Carolina Opportunity Fund Projects
IMPACT Carolina
QOZ Fund

Georgetown, SC

  • $62,000,000 Bio Fuel Facility

  • 50% LTC secured, NMTC secured

  • 200 + New Jobs

  • $65 M / yr contracted sales in place

  • Emerging energy & foodsource field​

COF Equity


METRO Carolina
QOZ Fund (Round 2)

North and South Carolina

  • Multiple Mixed Use Projects

  • High Affordable / Student Demand

  • Mature Markets

  • 14 - 16% Projected IRR

  • Multiple Sites

COF Equity


IMPACT Carolina
Community Fund

North and South Carolina

  • Seed & Venture Capital to QOZBs

  • 15-20% Estimated Returns

  • Community Impact

  • Job Creation

  • Economic Multipliers

COF Equity


METRO Carolina
Pembroke Fund

Pembroke, NC

  • $40,000,000 UNC Student Housing

  • 480 Student Accommodations

  • 70% LTC

  • $3.2 M Stabilized NOI

  • 20% Levered IRR

COF Equity


METRO Carolina
QOZ Fund

Raleigh and Charlotte Markets

  • Affordable Multi-family Housing

  • 12-14% Projected IRR

  • Middle Income Rental Housing

  • Strong markets with jobs/housing mismatch

COF Equity


  • Multi-family

  • Hospitality

  • Student Housing 

  • Senior Housing

  • Renewable Energy

  • Bio Fuel

  • Sustainable Farming

  • Urban locations in tertiary markets.

  • Ground up development through joint ventures with local developers.

  • Renovation of historic or existing assets.

  • Low to moderate leverage.

  • Long term, 10-year hold, with capital appreciation potential.

  • Development of sustainable real assets.

  • Seed or venture investment in QOZ Businesses

The Year Ahead for Carolina Opportunity Funds 

In 2020, we are pleased to offer two new funds.


IMPACT Carolina Community is our second QOZ Business fund and our first focused on providing early stage financing to businesses that choose to locate within a Qualified Opportunity Zone. The fund's objectives are to provide financing to businesses seeking to provide jobs, services, and new industries to underserved markets that have historically lacked strong capital formation.

METRO Carolina focuses on developers that seek to build new or improve affordable housing for folks at a moderate to middle income range who are struggling with housing affordability and a jobs/housing mismatch. We are anticipating that in order to develop affordable multi-family housing, new innovations in construction, energy efficiency, and site usage will emerge. The need is obvious and we're excited about the possibilities for this sector.


Carolina Opportunity Funds are structured as 100% investor owned Class B Investments with a minimum investment of $250,000. In 2020, Fees and Promotes will be waived on additional investment dollars above $500,000. Targeted Cash Flow will distribute as follows:

First: 100% to Class B Members until Class B Members receive an 8% cumulative return on an annual non-compounded basis on their Capital Contribution not returned.

Second: To the Class B Members until the cumulative amount paid has reduced the amount of each Class B Member's Unreturned Capital Contribution to zero.

Third: Thereafter, 95% of the remaining available cash for distribution to Class B Members and 5% to the Class A Member (Carolina Opportunity Funds).

Should funds fail to realize a 10% IRR in any given year, Carolina Opportunity Funds will waive its annual fee of 185 basis points.